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Single Handed Sailing

Started by RichardB2, 26 Sep 2014, 01:30

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I have an older N12 3126 which I would like to sail single handed. This subject has been touched on recently on the this forum but I wanted to know two things really firstly, is single handed handicap sailing in 12's quite common place and secondly, what alterations would I need to make to my boat to give ease of sailing? Does anyone have any photos they could post or email me as a guide?
Many thanks in advance.




You just need jib cleats thats all.
I have no idea on how common it is.


Thanks. I have jib cleats located on the CB case. I assume that would suffice? R


The issue with jib cleats is that you have to be able to set and release them from the helm position. Not being able to release the jib when needed can lead to "interesting" results.


my cherub has a self tacking jib. I think this would be a good option for single handed sailors in principle but would require a new  sails to shrink the jib so that it can run tight ahead of the mast. Given that most 12s have a small jib I don't think it would change the balance of the boat too much. The advantage ot hte self tacker of course is that htere is just one control for the jib - the sheet tension. Everything else just happens when you steer through the wind. I imagine that the cherub site is the place to look for details.


Look at the arrangement on the K1 singlehanded keelboat. It compromises of a jib boom, a jib pole and a couple of lines to control sail and pole angle. A lot simpler than it sounds and works really well. I had a quick go in one a few weeks back. Well impressed.


I sail my 12 singlehanded from time to time. I have cleats for the jib sheet, and I tie the ends of the two sheets together, which means that I can get the opposite sheet from the side I am sitting on.


Hi. Is it a safe bet to sail the 12 single handed with only the main so as not to have the worry about the jib?
Thanks again

Antony (Guest)

It will work, certainly in lighter winds, but the boat will tend to have weather helm and so you will need to sail a bit fast and free to make it work.  It is not that hard to sail with the jib too, as long as you have cleats.  We have our cleats on the weather side beside the shrouds but depending on the internal geometry of the boat there are usually a couple of options.

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