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Started by monkeynuts, 01 Mar 2015, 05:49

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I need some advice from the pros as a newbie to 12's. I have a boat with no rig or anything else for that matter! Its a crusader 88 N3282, can anybody recomend a good rig type / sails or have anything for sale to suit? Im not looking to spend a fortune just want to get her on the water.
Maybe its best to buy a boat near the endof its life to donate the required parts? Any ideas would help.
Many thanks in advance! ;)

JOhn M (Guest)

Where are you based.  It is good to get your boat alongside one which is quite well sorted out as typing answers to a very "open" question is quite difficult.
In reality a new rig for this boat will be worth as much as the boat.
3271 is a beautiful Design 8 which is an evolution of the Crusader design. 
This boat has a Superspar carbon mast and sails from Dynamic. 
P&B sails are the most popular at the front of the fleets other options are HD, North and Rowsell.  Alternative mast suppliers are Selden and Aardspar.  To get the most out of the boat I would suggest a new Carbon mast and sails from a popular loft.
John (not a pro though!)


Thanks John, I am based in Southampton. The main factor with me will be cost and getting her in a usable club racing condition for as low as possible.


3271 is just up the M3 (J4A) from you.  Also Alan Beeton & Tom Lee  are also based at Burghfield if you wanted a chat one one weekend as sure all would happy to share our combined Crusader/Design 8  knowledge/experience. Also have a few unused bits and pieces from 3271 if interested although no rig unfortuantely.
3271 & 3501


Have an ally mast from 3246, so pretty contemporary if of any interest.... But based in Sunny North Essex. Also Carbon Boom
kind regards
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Another option if you are feel confident with a tape measure and hacksaw (maybe) is to see if there any suitable spars which can be salvage knocking around the dinghy park. 
I bought Soap Dish for club racing without a rig and with the help of Milton Keynes SC boson a day spent rummaging around in the mast rack meant we had her rigged and ready to go in no time . Also as you have already seen there are lots of people in the class with garages full of sails which will be more than happy to help. 
I might be also worth having a look to see if there are any second hand Lark or Firefly mast about as I believe they can made to fit pretty easily.
I might be wrong with this Nick Copsey is down at sorthampton uni and might be worth tracking down.
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Thanks for your comments and help I am impressed at how great the 12 comunity is! I would like to have a look at other boats for sure as I am missing a key custom component, the rear bar for top pintle. So be good to see what I have to make and what to run where. 8)


I suggest you contqact Gerry Ledger concerning the transom. His boats normally had a square aluminium tube at top pintle height as show on 3236 here. He may have some left over!
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Great thats the item, first time ive seen one! I will give him a try :)

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