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N3475 Un Poco Loco

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 02 Feb 2007, 02:34

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The life of N3475 Un Poco Loco.   Design: Feeling Foolish, designed by: Bim Daser in 1995

John Hugo

N3475; Feeling Foolish design by Bim Daser; Built by Winder,supplied by P & B to John Hugo.   Currently being sailed at Annandale S.C., in south west Scotland, and in Scottish and Northern N12 open meetings.


3475 purchased from Angus Beyts in October 2019. Angus got Simon Hipkin to build and fit a winged rudder on a flapper. Currently being refurbished by Winder the original builder and to be based a Burwain Sailing Club.
Patrick Hamilton


Recent photo from Salcombe

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