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N2399 Mr. Jones

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 13 Feb 2007, 04:23

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Tim Gatti

paul turner

Not certain if Tim is likening my efforts to those of Hercules or to Hercule (as in Poirot) but I have now stripped most of the inside as well!

Tim Gatti

'Hercules' of course Paul - as in superhuman! 

Looking forward to collecting Mr Jones from the farm at Breaston this Saturday at 11am to continue her makeover in readiness for the 2013 season, espec the Vintage Champs in June.


paul turner

I received this email a few days ago:

Dear Paul,
Thought I would drop you a line to let you know my father, C M Jones (always known as Martin and the designer of Mr Jones) turns 90 this August. I didn't know if you had any photos you could share of her sailing/ restoration as he and my mother, who met him through sailing, were pleased to hear people are still enjoying the boats he designed. He designed the boat for a chap called Hugh Welbourne who apparently asked my father for the design to be extreme! My father moved onto sailing Squibs in the early 70s in which he taught me to sail before moving on to gliding in retirement and moving down to Cornwall where my parents now live, although I now live in the Midlands for work reasons.
Kind regards
Ben Jones

Following several further emails I delivered Mr Jones to Ben this morning together with a pack of various old documents charting the history of N2399. I believe that Ben's intention is to take Mr Jones down to Cornwall to sail.

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