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N3252 Silent Running

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 29 Jul 2007, 11:19

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National 12 Webmaster

The life of N3252 Silent Running. Design: Crusader, designed by: Phil Morrison in 1981

Alistair Edwards

Silent Running has recently arrived at Twickenham YC. Looks to be in very good condition.
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I bought her from a sailor at Huntingdon Sailing Club where I understand she had been sailed for several years. Winter maintenance confirmed that she is in generally good condition and should have ensured she is waterproofed for the new season. Twickenham YC saw a bit too much of her underside last year but I hope they will see more of her stern in the future and also have ambitions to take her down to some sea/ estuary meetings later in the season.

Mike Liggett (Guest)

Glad to see Silent Running is back at a12 stronghold.  I acquired her in very poor condition from owners in Cambridgeand following refurbishment and "new" sails" ex. N3462 I sailed her at Hunts SC later passing her on to Simon Keer who only sailed her a couple of times (moving on to Merlin Rocket).
Silent Running is sister to Bianca perhaps one of the most successful 12's and has an excellent record in her own right.  These 2 boats are the only 2 12s built by Alan Jackson more famous for his Merlins.


Thanks for the info Mike- and for your refurb of her. I bought her from Simon- I understand that his daughter had sailed her. Silent Running is my first 12, so I don't have much to compare her to but she seems pretty nippy.


Silent Running took a beating at Hayling Island this year with the mast foot breaking off and the mast going through the floor. She was nearly scrapped but Ben Brown has taken her back to the Blackwater and hopefully she will sail again.


I was at Hayling Island for Burton Week as a spectator and have a photograph of the boat when it came ashore with the hole through the floor very obvious. I hesitated to take a photo in the dire circumstances but the skipper invited me to go ahead. If anyone would like the print I shall gladly send it on. My address and telephone number are in the Yearbook. Nigel Fordyce. ex-N1149 and 3535.


Nigel, I was the skipper at the time but she has since been sold on to Ben Brown in East Anglia where I understand her sister boat Bianca is still in existence- see above!


it is true, Silent running has become an Essex girl and now resides a few miles from where her original builder now sails.  

As Owen's said she's seen better days after a fight with Hayling Bar but I hope that she will be repaired and brought back to life soon(ish). 

I'll post a few pictures here from time to time but if people are interested i'm going to write of blog on the rebuild process. 

Link here 


Mike Liggett

Great to hear "Silent Running" is undergoing repair/refurbishment.  As a previous owner I was very distressed to hear of her misfortune.  She is/was a beautiful boat and just one of 2 N12's out of Jacko's workshop.  I hope you can get the decks back - the delamination on foredeck may be a problem.  My brother (a graphic designer) did the name for the transom.  Will await your progress with interest.


Some further historical statistics for this beautiful boat.

Silent Running was originally owned by Chris Darling of Up River YC. In her first year of 1986 at Exmouth Chris sailed her to 6th overall (from 82 entries) and notably posted three top five results being 5th in the Burton Cup and Scarborough Yacht Club Salver races and 4th in the Borough of Scarborough Cup race. The following year in 1987 (77 entries) at Pevensey Bay Chris was 12th overall, but placed 3rd in the Port of Plymouth Cup and 6th in the Borough of Weymouth Cup race, both races being sailed on the Tuesday of the week. In the very light winds at Whitstable in 1988 Chris and Silent Running were 24th overall (82 entries) notably though finishing every race... the very tricky conditions (very light and patchy) of race 5 ensured that only 22 boats made it to the finish line. Silent Running was 15th in that "race"! Silent Running went off the Burton Cup radar after this...


Silent Running will soon be home at Up River YC ;)
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On Sunday Gerry Ledger took Silent Running to his workshop for the hole to be repaired, now Paul Turners N12 has vacated the space. After much discussion about front tanks to cover the damage to the hull and mast step we deceded to keep it original.
Mast, Sails and Rudder have been obtained thanks to Steve Sallis and Gavin Gulliver-Goodhall.
When she returns will have to decide if the keels are coming off?
aka Simon Hopkins<br />3252 Silent Running<br />Ex 3230, 3413, 3470, 3236


Repaired, thanks the Gerry Ledger
aka Simon Hopkins<br />3252 Silent Running<br />Ex 3230, 3413, 3470, 3236

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