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N3457 Ebba

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 26 Apr 2007, 11:35

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National 12 Webmaster

The life of N3457 Ebba. Design: Feeling Foolish, designed by: Bim Daser in 1995


Burton Cup winning boat, Brixham 2007, Paul Pelling & Guy Pelling 

David Copse

I recently bought my first National 12 'Ebba' from Paul Pelling who had kept her in fantastic condition. She is now located at her new home, the Upper Thames Sailing Club where there is an immaculate Proctor Mk VIII (1777), 2x Paper Dart, Baggy Trousers and now a Feeling Foolish. The fleet is growing.

3457 Ebba

David Copse

Now worked out how to attach photos, so amended the reply above.

Sailing with my 6-yr-old son at UTSC. The boat was upright just after the photo was taken - honest  ::)
3457 Ebba

Steven McCarthy

Good evening all,

A first hello and a quick introduction. We're the new owners of N3457, Ebba. Purchased from David last month. 

Absolutely delighted to be her new keeper and excited to get involved.  We'll spend the rest of this year getting to know her and getting my young crew competent and organised (9 and 12 yo).

Just a few sails in her so far. Not fallen out yet. Not tipped her in yet, but have stumbled twice... apparently that's mandatory for first sails in a 12!

We're Blithfield members and I think that makes 4 N12s now, so a small fleet developing.

Here's to the next few years of fun and racing.

Look forward to meeting everyone!


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