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N925 Wraith

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 12 Mar 2007, 05:43

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The life of N925 Wraith.  Design:  , designed by Jack Holt
Boat Burnt - circa 1996


925 was my first boat - bought in 1972 for the princely sum of £80.  I spent the winter rubbing down; painting and varnishing - she looked resplendent in bright red.

We sailed her at Henley SC - never anywhere near the front of the fleet. One day someone's boom caught the forestay and the wooden mast came tumbling down. I borrowed a club boat for a while (Enterbox - sorry!). We suddenly found that we were near or at the front of the fleet so the decision was made to upgrade - sold her at the end of the season for £90.

David Wilkins
David Wilkins
3481 Cooked to Perfection

ken goddard

Re. N.925; I can add a brief postscript on this boat. It was broken up on the Isle of Wight. Dare Barry was able to retrieve some items from the last owner and brought them over to the Mainland. I think it was at the time of the Teignmouth Burton. I have the boom. The rudder went to the owner of N.4 at Falmouth and possibly the mast went there as well.
Ken Goddard N.2300 


......and finally here are a few photos, post refurbishment.
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