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N2707 Boeing-Boeing

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 21 May 2008, 09:36

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National 12 Webmaster

The life of N2707 Boeing-Boeing. Design: China Doll, designed by: Phil Morrison in 1967


Found in a barn 28.08.2014

2707 is named "Boeing-Boeing" sounds a strange name? Well there's a story behind that:

The original owner (builder?) was an airline pilot, a 1965 Tony Curtis film was his inspiration for the boat by all accounts.
The full title of the film as you will note is Boeing (707) Boeing (707) or put another way 2x707 or 2707 - now note the boats sail number again.

No coincidence? Possible to choose a sail number back then?

Here she is as I found her:

Then the big reveal! What a great feeling!

What is this? Lets get the cover off!

Wow, thats pretty, and clean and and what is that!?    What?     That!

The thwart and CB case made to represent a plane! Themed or what? How very 70's.

Loads more pics here:
That thwart is custom finish right? Anything else seem odd or unusual? Definately a regular China Doll?

Does anyone know anything about this boat? Please let me know?

Previous (original) owner was an airline pilot, boat collected from Heathrow area of London, builder on register R.S.Smith

Thanks and I will keep the pics and info coming as I get more, so watch this space.


I remember the boat well. The person refered to was Robin Smith, he was a BA pilot and at the time flew the London to North America routes in 707's and 747's hence the name. I seem to remember that he never completed a club series due to flying commitments!
Robin sailed her at Staines SC when there was a good fleet of Twelves there - the hull colour looks original as do all the fittings. She's definitely a 4 plank Doll and looks to be in amazing condition for her age.


Hi John,

Thanks ever so much for that update, this is exactly what I was trying to find out. What sort of timescale are we talking about the boat being active, did she go straight into action when finished in 73? and was ative until when?

Do you recall whether Mr Smith actually built the boat himself? Where did he find the time? Seems to be very well finished. If so it must have taken him ages! Any idea what became of Mr Smith in later years? Any family? Friends at the club What about crew? Any recollections. Tell me his story?

Do you know of any reference material that might mention 2707? Newsletters, regatta write ups, race results etc? Any good results that you can think of? Anyone still around with photos of this era?

I'm intereted in researching and writing this boat up, will restore her to original condition where possible and sail her as much as possible in classic events.

The mast and boom are Proctors with matching serial numbers, can that number be back referenced to proctors data somehow?

The sails give a clue in that they are both signed by a measurer in 1984, yet seem nearly brand new, crispy, clean and strong. Also present an older, unnumbered pair of red mirror sails, used but servicable.

Thanks again,


ken goddard

I new Robin Smith in the late 1950's and think he sailed occasionally at the Welsh Harp - but not in Twelves. I believe he crewed for Mike Evans at Plymouth at one of the Burton's which Mike won.
Ken Goddard

Robin Sherwin-Smith (Guest)

Robin Sherwin-Smith (Guest)

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