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N1452 Spuma

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 04 Mar 2007, 12:03

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The life of N1452 Spuma. Design: Mark 4A, designed by: Ian Proctor in 1955
Original boat name: Maid of Pligh.


I have a picture of what I think could be N1452. Can forward it if anybody is interested. Does it still exist?


Quote from: ntoaThe life of N1452 Spuma. Design: Mark 4A, designed by: Ian Proctor in 1955

I owned N1452 and gave her her present name.  She was actually a Proctor Mk 4, not 4a.
She was originally named Maid of Pligh and I bought her for GBP105 in 1962 at Mudeford.  In the attached photo (taken at Hurst Spit, near Keyhaven, Hants later that year) she is painted blue rather than the turquoise colour adopted by her subsequent owner.
I would be most interested in pictures others may have.  She was a brilliant boat that provided a great deal of fun and excitement.


In May 2022 Spuma was advertised for sale on this site by Annabel Nurton from Cranborne where she raised a little interest. Annabel had owned her for quite a few years and had sailed her in the Lymington area, often alongside her husband in his Contessa 32. She decided to sell Spuma because it wasn't being used, and her own old age, and bad storage had damaged the upper surfaces to the extent that they needed replacing.
A very original boat in some respects. Complete with original wooden mast and boom (I believe) though it had a Firefly centreboard and a spare mast from a Firefly. Two sets of sails with one set being relatively recent.
On the very old Measurement Certificate it gave Michael Brookman, now our Honorary Treasurer and Records Officer, as the owner and his club as Hurst Castle Sailing Club in Keyhaven.
Ex owner of 1626,1777,2135,2730 & 2844.

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