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Shoreham - June 22nd/23rd

Started by rolandw, 20 Jun 2024, 06:42

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It's not too late to decide that you want to head down to the Sussex coast for a couple of days of genuine sea sailing - pop out of the harbour and you are in the English Channel. Thankfully there is a wind farm to keep the bigger ships away but there will be some movements in and out of Shoreham Port - usually less of a problem than the hordes casting long lines off the harbour walls in the very unlikely chance of hooking a fish. At the moment the wind is forecast for a nice Westerly 12 knots on Saturday and 10 or 11 from the South-West on Sunday. We are scheduled to do 3 races on Saturday but we have a class choice of either doing another 3 back to back races round the inflatable buoys or taking on the challenge of the Black Rock Race to Brighton Marina and back on Sunday. Last year there was no wind and the Black Rock Race was mighty challenging (especially for those that took a flyer out to sea...) but this year it should be good with the tide changing in the middle of the day. If we all want an adventure (and long distance practise for the Burton Cup) then a trip taking in the sights of Brighton could be entertaining.

Entry details are on-line at but I think you could still join in on Saturday morning. If anyone wants any help, do let me know!

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