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rubber on bottom of centreboard case

Started by lazybones2, 27 May 2024, 05:24

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whilst preparing my warlock N12 for paint, I removed some kind of rubber covering on the bottom end of my centreboard case, which looked as if when it was fully formed, covered the hole completely with a slit for the centreboard to push through, do I need to replace this, or can I run without it? I have attached a photo where it was removed from.



The answer is yes you do need something to replace the rubber gasket. This stops the water being forced up the centreboard case, especially when sailing downwind at speed, without a gasket there would be a water spout at the back of the centreboard case!

Older boats in their day would have had rubber like yours, held down by a thin aluminium or brass strip on either side.  These days the rubber has been replaced with various sail cloth or plastic versions, some of which can be glued in place. Boat Chandlers stock various options, contact any local chandler that deals with dinghy equipment and they should be able to help.

Hope this helps, get back to us if you need any more information.

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