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Started by David Sanderson, 26 Sep 2022, 12:47

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David Sanderson

With winter approaching, and no current space at home for a boat We are likely to have to mostly leave our 12 at the boat park.
The covers is on its last legs, so a new one is needed for this.

3490 is a Numinous - I was told a Feeling Foolish cover would fit, but where is best to get one from?



Hi Dave

Have used P&B for foolish & DCB covers in recent years, hard to beat I think.

N12 - 3198, 3513, 3551

David Sanderson

New cover arrived today :)
Did a bit of internet poking and looked at other boats covers in the dinghy park.
Trident marine do a custom fit cover - so I contacted them as the lower shrouds were a problem for the existing one. A few emails a some photos and they have made a good job of it:

an extended shroud opening angled to allow for the lowers and the shroud blocks.

Overall really happy with the fit.


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