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Rudder Length / weed

Started by David Sanderson, 26 Sep 2022, 01:08

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David Sanderson

This year at Attenborough there has been a real problem with weed.
The centreboard is relatively easy to clear, and it rarely full down - so I think the angled edge then doesn't collect weed as badly.
However the rudder is a nightmare - if it's not fully down the tiller is way too heavy, and it's terrible to clear.
The weed massively affects the performance - you can feel the sluggishness and yesterday we couldn't sail away from a Gull....

I'm thinking a much shorter rudder, possibly with an angled edge would help - but not knowing much - why is the 12 rudder so long? Will I end up with an unmanageable (if weed free...) dinghy?

Any thoughts gratefully received.



I had a very short blade on my Crusader '88 Dave and seemed to work fine. However weed is a problem and I have to regularly clear it and/or sail with it angled aft which is Ok in light winds but no good with any breeze due to weather helm and train on the pintles. Just glad its not a "foiler" blade!

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