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Rudder failure

Started by tp00, 01 Sep 2022, 12:15

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I recently suffered a total failure of a wing rudder on a Paradigm 2 while sailing on a broad reach in F5, the boat was flat and planing and no helm applied at time of breakage, could anyone suggest a reason, could it have been that too much wing was applied.

Chris Troth

I also had an accident with my wings in similar weather. The bow was starting to head south, so I let off the rudder control. As I did so, BIG bang, and we were in the drink.
Photo of the rudder here -
The stock and transom are fine. The wings themselves are solid. Did I let things off too fast? Did I generate too much 'downforce' too suddenly? Was there a weakness in the foil? Thoughts welcome!


Looks like a Lack of carbon. Talking to Andy Patterson of Bloodaxe foils many years age I asked how do you know how much carbon to use. Answer was a bit less each time until it breaks then a bit more next time. The pics would seem to show a lack of the black stuff where the stress was. Remember carbon only breaks, it does not give. Thats my take.

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