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Uffa Fox Regatta Cowes Isle of Wight August 18 to 21st

Started by Paul Moxey, 20 Jun 2022, 12:51

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Paul Moxey

Is anyone going thinking of going to the Uffa Fox regatta, has an Uffa Fox design and wanting crew? My National 12 was not designed by Uffa Fox so I don't think it is eligible to take part. But we do have a cruising boat based in Lymington which could tow a National to Cowes and be used as accommodation in Cowes. Any interest - please get in touch. Paul Moxey 07450 332014   

Paul Moxey

As a follow up to my earlier post, I have been told I can enter March Hare N2074 even though she is not an Uffa Fox design. I was made very welcome. So I have entered. The event organisers would welcome other National 12s even if also not Uffa designed and the organisers are interested in showing how the class has developed. Dinghies will be parked on the parade at Cowes and, if they are not actually sailed in the races, they are still welcome as part of a static display. So an interesting but not water ready boat could take part. As well as the water events there are quite a few off water socials and talks.

The event now has sponsorship so there is no entry fee, 50% of the cost of the car ferry from Southampton to Cowes and a voucher of £100 towards the ferry cost bring the ferry fate to close to zero.

I hope one or two more Nationals come to keep me company!

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