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Redecking or refurbishment ?

Started by ocallensmith, 29 Apr 2022, 08:47

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To date with any of my Vintage 12s I've always revarnished and that has been one of the pleasures of owning a wooden dinghy. Now with my new acquisition the decking is lifting through damp. I've seen worse that has been restored but I'm aware that it's a lengthy job requiring patience and that's ok with me because I prefer old and restored rather than new. 

I'd just like to hear comments from people who have been in this position with their boats and their comments of did they choose the right option. 

If it's a case of redecking then I need an expert to do the job. I'm in Dorset so have lots of boat builders around me but would they work on a 65 year old 12' dinghy?
My ownership started in year 1967 with 2135, almost a new boat !
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