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Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

What is the best vacuum cleaner ever? We chose the Dyson V11 as the best rated vacuum for quality and price. Currently, the Dyson V11 is priced at $640 on Amazon. It causes most of the users some concern about the amount of money they have to pay. However, considering the cost to value ratio and the fact that you care about your newly renovated house, the Dyson V11 will never disappoint you.

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Which are the main drivers for adding up value for the Dyson V11?

The Dyson V10 arrived last year and soon received the best vacuum cleaner reviews all around the nation. This year, the Dyson V11 comes with non-stop improvements. The V11 has the same design as a cordless stick vacuum cleaner with rechargeable batteries. However, the V11 was improved to enhance the suction power, improve the battery life, and reduce the time connecting it to the mains.

Compared to the V10 model, the V11 is made with both a larger capacity and strength in the powerful motor and batteries. Moreover, Dyson has adjusted the unit to the surroundings to save energy by integrating more sensors in the head of the machine.

What does the Dyson V11 offer?

  • LCD screen presents all operational reports, battery analysis, maintenance alerts, blockage examinations, and cleaning instructions.
  • The Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) System auto adjusts the motor power for different surfaces, i.e. hard floor or pile carpets. There are three modes of cleaning you can choose on the screen: Eco, auto, and boost mode. Eco mode is for better battery lifespan, auto mode for a usual cleaning, and boost mode is needed for a sudden and brief outbreak for extra power.
  • Best performance for allergens with excellent air filtration system by capturing more than 99.97% of microscopic particles in the surrounding atmosphere.
  • V11's suction power is improved more than 40% compared to Dyson V8, and more than 20% than the Dyson V10.
  • More powerful lithium ion batteries, which is slightly bigger than the V10. In spite of its weight, you will not have to worry while using it. The V11 is exceptionally balanced and will be comfortable in your hand.
  • Versatile usage – you can convert it into a handheld vacuum to clean the hard-to-reach areas or the surfaces under the furniture.
  • The V11 is not so noisy while being operated. If you are working in the eco mode, you can still hear another person's voice talking.
  • 2-year warranty
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Dyson V11 accessories

  • A charging dock which is wall-mountable and bigger than the V10 includes two ports for free accessories.
  • Additional clip on the body to carry both the crevice tool and the brush at the same time.
  • The High Torque cleaner head adjusts the motor power to any surfaces, ideally for the carpet cleaning. Any dust hiding in-depth on the carpet can be easily sucked up by using the auto mode and High Torque brush.  It can turn to the Soft Roller head combining with the Eco mode for hard floor cleaning.
  • A little motorized brush for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and other similar surfaces.
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The price is considerable compared to the average amount for a standard vacuum cleaner. However, thinking about the outstanding value it brings to our home, the Dyson V11 is a must and an exceptional product if money is not a critical problem for you. Moreover, Dyson's customer service receives the best rate from its customers, so we are more confident to recommend this top item. Enjoy the chore and keep your sweet home as new as possible.

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