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Started by Ben Brown, 24 Mar 2022, 04:47

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Ben Brown

Does anyone have a good suggestion for sourcing Sycamore?  I have tried Robbin in bristol who've suggested Maple but dont know how closely that would match?

Thanks in advance.


I'm not totally sure but I think Maple and Sycamore are more or less the same thing when it comes to wood. If the Maple comes from the America it is probably a kind of Maple as I don't think they have Sycamore! Sycamore is a kind of Maple. I think UK grown Maple is quite likely to be Sycamore.
Don't know if that helps you.
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 Googling 'Bois sycomore prix' gets a bunch of hits from French websites, so it's evidently available there in some form.  The French have a lot of hardwood forest which they manage quite carefully (and commercially),  so hardwoods are much more available there than they are in the UK. 


Ben...  contact Simon Hipkins. He sourced some sycamore from a huge timber yard in Maldon when he built Shades of Grey. I remember him being quite particular in using sycamore rather than maple.  Cant remember why but the grain is very different.


Brooks  Brothers, Heybridge


Many of the wood merchants have good quality sycamore boards so it rather depends on how much you want... If you are in the south, try English Woodlands or Tyler Hardwoods. Both are very friendly but Geoff Tyler is interested in boats.

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