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First day of Burton Week started with a chill wind, but bright and became sunny and warm with a light breeze. 
There was a short postponement before the boats were allowed afloat followed by a wait while the wind shifts settled.
Both races were sailed in a light to medium shifty breeze. 
See attached the results for races 1 and 2.


Day 2 Burton Cup Race sailed in a good breeze. Using the new format sailed on a trapezoid course. the 2 hour duration meaning 4 plus rounds were completed.

Race result attached.


Sundays Races in lighter wind and very shifty, very easy to lose or gain a lot!

Results attached along with overall standings at the end of race 5 ( ties not resolved)


Last day two races sailed in similar conditions with the points very close at the top quarter of the fleet.

Results for Races 6 and 7 attached as well as the overall results.

The Subsidiaries will be published later when the when the have been worked on.

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