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What rope for main halyard?

Started by NeilupNorth, 24 Sep 2020, 09:38

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Looking for a little bit of advice.
The main halyard on our Crusader is a shade too thick for the clam cleat at the bottom of the mast and it's inclined to jump out of the jaws and slip a bit.

Can anyone suggest what thickness to use - is 3mm ok or should I go 4mm?
And in particular what type of rope to buy to replace it? Had a look at the range of rope on sale on the pinbax website and now I'm completely bewildered!


I would recommend a rope with a Dyneema core which will not stretch. 3, 3.5 or 4mm will be plenty strong enough. You should ensure that the cleat does not damage the outer cover. A little (20cm) extra length would enable to to cut 20 cm off the sail end, move the wearing point and extend it's life


Thanks Johnk that's perfect.

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