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Interesting video of winter sailing

Started by NTOACertification, 25 Jul 2020, 02:36

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I had an email from Paul Shingler  of N2679 Dolly Blotter fame - the original owner. He said he had found the 12 website via the Landamore's site.
I decided to look at the site and in their archives was a link to Winter sailing in Norfolk.

See below
I think we need to have a big change in global warming to replicate this.



I remember crewing a National on the Sunday before Christmas 1962. We had to retire because the mainsheet could not be eased off wind. In the afternoon I helmed my Graduate and survived because I led the mainsheet from my hand, through the transom block and directly to the boom. In a force 4 it pulled my arm out of its socket but I finished the race! On Boxing Day I promised to take a young sister to watch Manchester United if sailing was not possible. There was half an inch of ice on the lake so I had to take her to the match!

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