Author Topic: Help . still trying to Locate N2462 Sorcerers Apprentice  (Read 678 times)

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Help . still trying to Locate N2462 Sorcerers Apprentice
« on: June 28, 2020, 07:59:57 PM »
Hi everyone

N2462 Sorcerers Apprentice -  Its Old school and a few years ago I know that I asked about this boat but would still be keen to get hold of it were it to become available - if it exists in any state.
Even if it was scrapped it would put my mind at rest. Subsequently, I  owned 2544  Ogre (the  stitch and tape 4 plank version of 2462 I believe), just as that boat disintegrated before my eyes and was broken up. I  Should have listened to outside advice on that one!  Sorcerers apprentice, built better than Ogre -  where are you? Please put me of of my misery. After building my own  I simply could not regret selling 2462! My current 12 an old Paper dart  despite its obvious  positive points,  sturdy, fun, simple , easy maintenance etc etc isn't the same as rot, leaks, high maintenance. I sold 2462 early 80s to a waterskier who wanted something for when it was too windy for water-skiing!   Come on you class stalwarts - where is it?


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