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Cold Moulded Veneers

Started by Rocket Espresso, 02 Oct 2019, 12:45

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Rocket Espresso

Hi all,
I'm just about to take the plunge with joining the ranks of National 12 owners.  I'm returning to sailing after many years away and I was originally looking for a Merlin Rocket, but the PY handicap is too low for my local club, so N12 it is!
One of the boats I'm looking at needs some work and looks to have a couple of rot spots in the hull.  I have read the 'how to fix a hole in a Firefly' guide on the CVRDA website, and I assume that the cold moulded nature of the National 12 will require a very similar approach.  My question is.. what sort of veneer do I need and is the repair process the same as on the Firefly?  The boat in question is a Crusader build in 1990 I believe by Gerry Ledger.


Maybe...........  you should ask Gerry Ledger?   His details are in the new boats section of 'boats for sale' and I bet he can tell you exactly what you need and supply it too!   Dave

Hi I still have some 3mm veneer would have to be collected from Hullbridge. Gerry

Rocket Espresso

Thanks Gerry, I hadn't appreciated that you where on here!  Unfortunately my boat buying antics have been put on hold for another year or two with Family commitments taking priority.  But in a year or two I will be out looking for a National 12 again and if I find one that needs a bit of work, I know where to come now!  Cheers

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