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Salcombe Regatta

Started by Helen Lloyd, 29 Jul 2019, 10:59

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Helen Lloyd

Salcombe Yacht club welcome you to 2019 regatta! A week of beach and fabulous racing. Zoe, Helen & Christian have organised a 'Try a 12'  event after racing on Mill Bay on the Sunday. The local cadets and some parents are very keen and we are all keen to get the next generation  sailing 12s in Salcombe as numbers have dwindled. If you can help that is super and thank you!
The Blinkhorn  Trophy is the under 18s mid week evening race and we look forward to the keen N12 youths taking part and some new to 12s local cadets. May be we could have a sup fun evening too one night?
We are acutely aware that in the past there was 'Burger gate' however Jo, the current chef is fabulous, food is gorgeous and good value. Jo runs a ski chalet in winter so is geared up for hungry sporty types and there is a BBQ on the Wednesday evening (link below) as well as other sustenance through the week.  See you on the water Helen in Para-docs.

John m

Hi Helen
The Meadowcroft family will be lined up with 3 boats on the beach for the try a 12 session after Sunday sailing


We should have two boats on the beach on Sunday, a Design 8 and a DCB.   Happy to help.

At least one of them will also be doing the Blinkhorn.


Helen Lloyd

Thank you everyone who took part and made this a windy but great regatta. The Blinkhorn race was a highlight of the week; tip top entertaining racing, well done all who competed and encouraged newcomers to take part. Thank you for working on the Try a 12 event even though the latter was cancelled due to unpredictable hefty gusts, may be we can repeat at the May open?  Well done Graham and Zoe and Anya for winning the week and Ollie the Blinkhorn. We hope Burton race is a bit less windy! BW from Salcombe. 

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