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Dinghy show T-shirt and sticker ideas

Started by grazz, 01 Mar 2019, 09:05

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Calling all budding artists  - we need a National 12 sticker and t-shirt designs for the Dinghy Show 2019.

We're planning on making our presence known at the Dinghy Show next March and we'd like to involve as many of the kids/youth of the fleet over the weekend. We're going to have helpers wearing N12 t-shirts plastering stickers on as many passers by as possible.

We need eye-catching t-shirt and sticker designs. Sticker design should work well on either a circle, square or rectangle of around 80mm.

Please post your ideas here and we'll have a vote on the 19th Jan to select one. Below are some of the t-shirts from previous years (yes they are looking well worn/loved :)

Happy designing



Design is attached

My details:
Max Shiel ,Brook House ,Lower Holbrook, Ip92rj,Ipswich, Suffolk


Max, I like that idea - very creative.
Here's a suggestion from our house


And here's an idea from Clare Hunter


And here's some sticker ideas
Does anyone have any great ideas for catch phrases?


And some more


Max, I like your design, but wonder if it could be even better by using the same pattern but in the shape of the letters N12 (instead of the anchor)?


Just an idea! The actual image is better resolution, but too big to upload here.
N12 - 3198, 3513, 3551


There are a few more ideas being worked up some am going to extend until Sunday night 20th Jan and will kick off the vote after that.


The font and colour really need to match the current branding but here is a couple of ideas.  The badge could also be circular (matching Facebook's new enforced look).

The idea is based around the unity of the the class and the idea that different types of 12 are still that - a National 12.
N3162 (Baggy Trousers) "Bicycle Clips"
N2709 (Paper Dart) "Goose Hunter"


And here's Anya's sticker idea - a good play on words I think


First of two entries from Isobel - another budding artist in the making


Second entry from Isobel


Entries closed now, voting about to commence   :)

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