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China Crisis Hull paint

Started by stephenscriven, 01 Dec 2018, 08:27

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Decided to strip varnish and redo over winter.Took boat apart yesterday ready to move to workshop in doing so removed centreboard, however on turning boat on side discovered a lot of cracking in the paintwork following the lines of the planking. This is my first 12 and first planked boat do I need to be concerned or is this normal ? Maybe paint not flexible enough.


I'm undertaking the same process with my crusader. I found the same when I turned the boat over to paint.

I spent quite a bit of time sanding and filling where needed. Applied the fresh paint, it seems to have sorted the lines and cracks in the old paintwork.


What paint did you end up using?


I used hempel brilliant gloss


Are you satisfied with the results, Dom? I was actually considering using brilliant gloss as well.

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