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Norfolk Week 2018

Started by 3513SL, 12 Jun 2018, 02:53

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Hi All,

I've just entered for North West Norfolk Week 2018.

Who else is coming along to join the fun and enjoy a week of N12 class racing, perfect warm up for Burton Week in Brixham!!

Full details are on the new Norfolk Week website, here:

N12 - 3198, 3513, 3551

John Sears

We have entered N2957 for the whole week.
Christine may be available to crew some days.

John & Catherine.

I am bringing my D8 with Jack Gore super crew, Gerry Ledger

paul turner

Greetings. Please don't think that because Christine is available to crew this year we have fallen out - we haven't! It's just that because of work and other commitments I am gonna have to miss NWNW for the first time in 300 years! Hope y'all have a great time; you're gonna miss me! Px  8)

Steve S

Jo & I are coming. First time for a few years.



I'll be there with 3405.   Bring it on!   ;D   Dave Cooper

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