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Trent Valley GUL Open Meeting

Started by paul turner, 27 Mar 2018, 07:29

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paul turner

Greetings Fellow N12 Yotters. Now that the "Beast(s) from the East" have (hopefully) departed this Spring and the clocks have whizzed forward to BST, we can now leap into our boats, blow the cobwebs away and start planning to head to Long Eaton for the Trent Valley GUL Open Meeting on Sunday 15th April. I know that it is three weeks earlier than the traditional first(ish) weekend in May but it means less time waiting to come and savour the joys of river sailing (and stack some GUL points too)! First race will be at 11:00 with the second as soon as afterwards and the third after lunch. And for those who would like to make a weekend of it, we are planning a supper on the Saturday night with a "Magic Lantern" glass slide show and possibly also some old 16mm cine film of N12 sailing. I believe that GC is planning to borrow Mr Jones, and Angus is promising to fly south if I can find him a crew; so that makes three boats already coz I am now back on the water after a seven month (enforced) sabbatical - be afraid, we beat all but one Laser and the Merlin on Sunday (and not just on handicap!) To help planning please let us know if you are joining us on 15th. Gongoozellers also very welcome. Paul :)

David Copse

Hi Paul,

Rowan and I are currently intending to come with Ebba, depending on weather. We will be staying with family on Saturday, but would it be possible to drop the boat off on Friday evening or Saturday morning prior to yotting on Sunday?


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paul turner

Hi David. Boat drop-off is fine. There will be members at the Club on the Friday evening (it's kids' sailing night) and if its Saturday morning the rowers should be there to let you into the club locked compound. If not you can call me on 07710 324 800 for the lock number. Good news - Neil & Freya have already messaged to say that they will be there with Indecision. Any more takers? Paul  8)


Hi Paul I am coming down Saturday anyway would it be Ok to come to magic lantern show and camp at the club?
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paul turner

paul turner

Greetings. Still a bit quiet on the reply front. News update - the field at Trent Valley is currently underwater!  :'(


Hi Paul

Regret we won't be attending this GUL event, which is a shame

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I am hoping to turn up with Bicycle Clips.  Having been on Paternity Leave from sailing the N12 for a 18months, I think we will be there for the opportunity to have a sail rather than be competitive...
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paul turner

OWING TO EVEN MORE RAIN (flooding & field impassable) TVSC OPEN MEETING SUNDAY 15th MAY IS POSTPONED (probably to Sunday 20th May 2018)

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