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what plans
« on: February 09, 2018, 09:41:18 PM »

I was half way through cooking breakfast with my day all planned out when there was a dull thud or a cu chunck and there lying on the door mat was a buff envelope.......could be this it really...yes it was, after a couple of months of keeping my right foot above my right hip with nothing better to do than watch begin hunt (Well to be honest in January in mid Scotland !), now I was finally mobile again Ed's latest creation had landed on my door mat (Trendy or not we still have one....a door mat I mean.) Well breakfast burnt. coffee boiled dry.......or was it the other way about. Anyway all plans went out the window as I tucked into Ed's marvellous medicine for a broken leg a least it would have been if it had arrived a month or so earlier, but as I so often say at the start line and slightly less frequently at the finish line better late than never.
Anyway Ed thanks for another brilliant job. Pity you had to give so much space to that idiot who thinks spelling is a kind of flour and grammar is where the posh boys go to school, but your comments where great I had forgotten all about the wine and the iPod...
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