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N1 Gipsy being sold at the Classic Boat Auction

Started by grazz, 23 Apr 2017, 08:05

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Peter Sparrow from Time and Tide Boats asked me to announce the following

N1 Gipsy will be for sale via auction at the  Time and Tide Boats Classic Boat Auction to be held at Beale Park in Berkshire on 2nd-3rd June.

Gipsy is the boat that started the class off in 1936 and is an Uffa Fox built boat. The boat is in very good condition and is complete with mast all rigging and sails. The estimated price for this original boat, and a chance to own a piece of history is expected to be between £2000 to £4000.

Interested bidders should register via our website at or can contact me on 07522695526. There are also other rare Uffa Fox, Holt and Proctor designs available.

John Brooke

Does anybody know if Gipsy sold at the auction and if so for what price? (I have a long-ago association with her in that Alistair Dunnet and I borrowed her from Lionel Wilkinson and sailed her in the 1968 Burton Week)


The Auction is today, and I was going in an attempt to buy Gipsy but it has been withdrawn from sale.
The auctioneers hope it will be in the September auction.

John Brooke


So far it is a sorry tale and a bit of a shambles..!  Sadly the auction house are working for the administrator of the bankrupt charity and so have an obligation to do their best to maximise proceeds and not spend too much money trying to sort out the mess.

It seems that Gypsy is in Cardiff and her rig and bits are missing but probably in Eyemouth...  I gather from Facebook that our Chairman is on the case and so anybody even considering a bid should probably make contact with Gerald.


John Brooke

The thought had crossed my mind of bidding for her for sentimental reasons, and with the feeling that she should be in a museum somewhere, though it seems like that is no guarantee of safety. If there are any plans to purchase her I'd be interested in discussing possible ways of securing Gypsy's future. (My email address is )


Just bid £250.00 which has met the reserve.



someone bid £500.00. I am not intending to bid further. 8 minutes to decide if anyone else wants to bid more


Gypsy has been purchased jointly by Gerald and Kevin


3271 & 3501


After a 13 hour day and 500 mile round trip Gipsy now in Suffolk.

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