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Salcombe---Desperate pre-race help needed!!

Started by Willbw11, 10 Aug 2017, 02:50

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Would anyone be around on Saturday to lend a hand sorting our rigging? We've just got a 12 but it has a fairly uncommon setup apparently and so any help with organising it a little would be much appreciated. We have been helped previously to get it to the point where we could sail it but some solid re-rigging is whats required. Thanks


Quite a few of us around and already down and happy to help.  Where's the boat and which one?

3271 & 3501


Hi Neal,
Thanks so much! Its the green nat 12 carbon paw print and its in the yacht club boat park. We aren't down til Saturday. Perhaps we could meet around 3:30 then.
Thank you so much

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