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Carnac 2017

Started by grazz, 16 Feb 2017, 08:44

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  Hi all,

We've had a few people asking how things are progressing with planning so thought we'd give you all an update, and hopefully convince a few more to come and get involved. For those that don't know three years ago 77 boats went over to Carnac for a four day event in the sun. Everyone who went had an amazing time, barring a minor self-inflicted hospital trip for the organiser, and so we thought we should do it again. I'm sure most of you already know the details but I've added the background info for those who missed out last time and added some more info on this edition below.

The venue is ideal with all the usual you could want from a club, plenty of space, easy launching, a great sailing area and a very professional team used to running major events. Unusually for a club of this size they are also incredibly friendly and welcoming. It's also walking distance to the town, beaches and easy access to the surrounding area for those coming for a holiday. Getting there is surprisingly simple with multiple flight and ferry options and Brittany Ferries are kindly offering a discount for competitors and supporters. The link to claim this is e-mailed to you on entry, a few people have said it's not coming through but it should all be working now, please remember to check your junk e-mail folder and if not, e-mail and I'll send you the link. Various people have also been sorting out sharing double stacker trailers using the event facebook page so that is probably the best place to put out an offer / request if needed.

The Sis are currently being refined but the format for the sailing will be similar to last time with handicap races Saturday that don't count to the main series in case anyone can't get over there in time and then fleet racing on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The main changes are the addition of a pursuit race on the Saturday before a back to back handicap race and the option to run sprint races on the Monday. Target length for these will be 15 minutes so if someone makes a blinding start then there's less chance for it all to go wrong and anyone making a bad start is quickly into another race so no need to spend a long race trying to catch up again. Otherwise we'll try and keep the same balance of shore and afloat time as before.

We've changed the socials a bit as it's always fun to mix things up, this time we have approval to attempt a Guinness world record for the biggest human knot! Early practice has been a bit sketchy but Rachael Rhodes has managed to get her class about half way there so I'm sure with a bit of co-ordination and luck on the day we can get there. Otherwise there is also a meal at the club included in the entry, and we are planning on a quiz and possibly some paddleboard racing in the harbour (spectating will probably be an activity in itself if anyone has over indulged on the local grape juice). These will be finalised closer to the day.

As the headline would suggest we have some great sponsors on board who have been really generous providing prizes for the racing. On top of that there is a day's professional coaching to be won for one fleet. We are just finalising the t-shirt design and will be ordering these in March. Anyone who has entered and paid by the end of Feb will get these free of charge. The website shows who has entered so far (76 boats and counting...) and which deposits we have received, any queries just let me know.

The other questions we've had relate to time and costs. The event is happening 27th – 30th May so it's a bank holiday weekend and half term. It means it can be done with only 1 day off work if you want. Cost wise will depend on your circumstances and how many people you are bringing, as open meetings go it is quite expensive, as holidays with your mates go it's an absolute bargain.

More info can be found at or feel free to e-mail if you can't find the answer there. I'll also be around the dinghy show on the Saturday or various events beforehand.

See you in France!

SMELT 2017 @ Carnac – sponsored by Allen Bros., Brittany Ferries, Coast Watersports, Dinghy Rope, Les Menhirs campsite, North Sails and True Start


hi folks!

Can some body bring me a mast (aluminium or carbon)?
Mine is broken!
For a very low amount...




I could buy the one from Warminster, only if some body bring it to me in Carnac, please!


A maaaaaaaaaaaast, please! :-[


Have a spare mast and boom (prefer they both went...) which went on N3339.  Have still got the carbon spars.

If anyone could collect from NW side of Swindon (nr Junc 16 M4) then I'd be happy for you to take over.

Mast been outside for some time so can't vouch for how good it is and was never rigged when I sailed the boat.


Hi folks!

Carnac was supposed to finish the 31st of may, so I went that day and I saw nobody?
What happened? The sun was there with a gentle west wind but no more sails on the sea!
I expected to find a mast for Miss Prism...sailors were away.

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