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24 September Stokes Bay Gul Series Open / general invite 25th

Started by JayHaich, 08 Sep 2016, 10:50

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Come and join us for the Stokes Bay Gul Series Open on the 24 September! We have 3 12s at the club, (or 4 if I count both of Nick's boats) and I'm working to drag some lapsed local 12 sailors back on the water for this event. 

Start time will be 12:00, up to 4 races back to back will be held.  Official NOR and SI will be posted shortly.  Stokes Bay is on the Eastern Solent near Gosport, easy access to a great race area, with excellent views of racing and the Isle of Wight from the clubhouse.  We have a very experienced and capable race team having run several class championships and major opens. 

Camping in the dinghy park is available, or plenty of local accommodation for those who need it. See the club website and / or Facebook pages

In addition to the open, visitors are invited to stay to join club racing on the 25th, dependent on numbers we may have a separate start and course.  For those race results we propose to award separate prize(s) based on NOA handicaps for AC / DB / Foilers.  There is an additional day fee of £10 per boat for club racing, but for the first 5 visitors to confirm that will be paid by a mystery sponsor! 

Great if you can let us know you are coming by posting here or give me a call directly, my number is in the handbook.  Same if you have any questions.

Look forward to it.

Jeremy Hartley


Ella and I  are planning to come
Could you give me an ideal how long the sail out will be
So we can plane what time we will have to leave home


One of the good things with Stokes is the sail out will be minimal, if onshore wind the start will be a few hundred metres off the beach, otherwise take 5-10mins I guess.



Definitely intend to be there. Currently waiting on the front end of the boat to confirm .........


George Smith 3520

If our mast becomes one bit rather than 2 by the time the event cones round we plan on being there!

George and Alice 3520


Tempted! I need to get Bouncing Ben back out on the circuit, or just out on the water!! Need a crew or helm, happy with either. H


Forecast appears to be decent, roll on Saturday! 🙂⛵️🙂


N12 - 3198, 3513, 3551


I won't be sailing but am going to try and make it down to watch for a bit with 2 dogs in tow.



Thanks to all at Stokes Bay, brilliant and very well run event. If you weren't there you missed a great day! Hopefully Jonno has some excellent photos?


Thanks to stokes bay for hosting.

Apologies to all for not actually getting out but we had 1 or 3 problems meaning we literally didn't get off the ground. Hopefully all sorted and many thanks to those who helped on the day.

Looked like a great days sailing. Will hopefully see you at Northampton  (we've at least got the right stickers on now....)
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