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Transom flap material

Started by Dave Croft, 29 Jul 2016, 10:39

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Dave Croft

I need to make some new transom flaps - can someone advise where to buy that thin/flexible clear plastic everyone seems to use these days?

Thanks, Dave


Hi Dave,

For Dinsdale I went really high tech......................

The flaps are the light weight clear acetate from the local builders merchant used for replacement glazing - if I had known I could have let you have some a couple of weeks ago!

For the hinges, simply kevlar sail repair tape, simples!!

Have a look at the pics on the website (N2632) and you will see how it worked.



Hi Dave

I made my own this year and have loads of material left over, I'll make you some for £5 inc p&p if you'd like, just let me know dimensions !
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Dave Croft

Thanks John that's great!

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