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12 Fest

Started by Chris Day, 03 May 2016, 09:19

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Chris Day

Pre-registration for 12 Fest is now open

If you're thinking of joining us for coaching and fun racing alongside the Vintage Champs on 25th and 26th June, please pre-register on the link below. You can also let us know if there's anything you'd like to cover in the coaching or if you would like to try out another 12.

Hope to see you there



I am trying to rustle up a crew from my club as my usual crew is on (pre-)maternity leave.  Are there any details as to what is happening to tempt people with?  I haven't been to a 12 Fest before.

N3162 (Baggy Trousers) "Bicycle Clips"
N2709 (Paper Dart) "Goose Hunter"

Chris Day

Hi Jonathan,

At 12 Fest there will be coaching on the Saturday and handicap racing on the Sunday. It's an informal fun event with lots of boat swapping, a chance to try out other boats and we'll also have a crews race and junior race if we can fit them in the schedule. Everyone had a great time last year and it will be even bigger this year as the vintage 12 fleet will be there too.




Hi, I'm crewless for that weekend but definitely want to go. Is it likely that someone will be available, at least for Saturday or part, if I just turn up with the boat?

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