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Started by James McC, 05 May 2005, 08:07

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James McC

I am really confused...

Got my memberhip pack today and thought I would check out some of the members only areas.  Only I can't get in!  I enter ntoa as the user and find the page in the yearbook mentioned, but neither of the two words which could possibly be classed as first seem to work.  Am I looking in the right place?  I am looking in the Newsletter 2004 - is this the 'yearbook' mentioned?


N2699 - Two Crewed


Three posts not necessary to elicit an answer!  Welcome to the NTOA - and the Yearbook is not the Newsletter.  The former is the annual booklet listing members and boats which comes out around now each year, the latter is the annual official journal of news and articles that appears in November.

Mike D
N3496 (boat finished, last string and fittings in post, Alverbanks and Chipstow delivered, measurement booked, champagne on ice for Desborough!)


James, you and I must have different yearbooks to everyone else, because the user ID and password won't let me in either!

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