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N3282 Avalon

Started by National 12 Webmaster, 08 Feb 2007, 01:44

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Finally up the right way and on a trolley ready for some coats of varnish.


Nice to see...and looking good!


We need to get a reunion of Avalon, Mr. Incredible & Indecision together.
3271 & 3501


Cheers. I like that idea we should do just that


Due to a lack of anybody willing to sail with me I have little choice but to sell Avalon. 
If anybody wants a sound race ready boat she is more than ready and has only been raced once since restoration :o I will being stuck sailing laser talking to myself ;D



Just introducing myself. Im John Milburn and live in the lake district. I currently own this lovely boat and have her on Coniston water. We have only sailed her a handful of times but hope to sail some more this season.

I have a couple of girls 11 and 14 and they both have enjoyed sailing her so far.

I will take some more photos of her on the water this year and add to this thread.

Kind Regards


Crusader 3244

Hi John,

The 12s of the eighties hold a lot of appeal for me and Avalon looks a nice boat.

We have N3244 and have been a bit inactive of late. The plan is to put that right in 2016. Bass week is in our plans for 2016 so we'll be in your vicinity in the summer. At least one 12 of around your vintage planning to enter. Burwain SC host an open for the northern region on May 8th. That's near enough that not much should get in the way of us being there. We tripped to the Burghfield event (19th Mar) and appear in the video shot by Sportography. Ours is the closest and the briefest close up.
Chris, 3244


Recently unearthed photo of Iain Calder sailing Avalon with Sascha Robinson 1990.

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