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Pitsford Dinner

Started by Mikey C, 23 Mar 2006, 09:38

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John Murrell (Guest)

Sorry, forgot to put my name to the last post!!!

John Murrell
ex too many Twelves to mention!!!!!!!!!

Graham Iles (Guest)


Emma  (dance)

Nath (Guest)

Sorry i also did not mean to offend the people who have put a great deal of time and effort into organising the events. I'm just starting to wonder if there will be any youth left in a few years however thats a different debate for a different topic.


Don't worry Nath, there's quite a few of us working to making sure there'll be plenty of 'youth' around in a few years time!
I don't think we're going to be able to make it to the weekend as baby number 2 is due around 12th May, but we'll see how things are nearer the time.

nath (Guest)

erm by that i guess you mean babies......Youth in 11 yrs time then lol!

lucy horsley

People seem to have neglected my comment about price of a formal meal in Bristol, which wasn't in a sailing club and didn't have any sponsership!
Anyway I think emma has already said everything that I could add to this conversation.  
I am very grateful that there are people around who put the time nad effort into organising celebrations such as these, and hope it is a really good night!

(a student who does not have more disposable income than her parents!)


What does this thread show us?  We al have different budgets and have different personal circumstances which largely dictate what and indeed how much we can afford and how much something is 'worth' to us.

Like most organisations there are probably a few people who do all the work and they deserve our full support.  The lesson from this is could we have asked the memebership what they would have wanted - is the frustration due to a lack of input?  Could a simple survey have been setup onthis site?  There's no doubt you cannot please all the people all the time - the question is do we have reasonable balance in the events being set -up - many are saying yes other's no.

Personally I would have loved to be there for such an event but the timing is not good.  Maybe thats another question - could the attendance have been higher if the 70th event was held at a different time of year - once again hard to answer.  We not only have to balance out budget in money but also time with family (and work) and not everything is possible.

Good luck for this event - the only way to improve is to have more people get involved and provide whatever it is we all want!  It would be great if now we started a list of whose coming to Burton - we should have a target of at least 70 boats for that - maybe evben refine it so we have 'target' figures for numbers of DBs ACs and Vintage.  The Firefly class as an example seem to publicise numbers already planning - shows we have an active Class and dumb threads on Y&Y could be avoided as our 'niche' product is great - sure it can be improved but in all this its a question of balance and whats needed for success.

Will be at Dinghy show if anyone wants to discuss further!!

Nath (Guest)

So what are the full details of this dinner so no one gets confused?

cheers nath

Lindsey I (Guest)

I must say the students here sound like a bunch of oldies! Let your hair down, live a little. Interest free overdrafts and grants are the name of this game! Try the grants giving trusts book in every university library. Its amazing how much free money you can find for the cost of a letter and a stamp.  :P (Sorry Mike and those with little ones I know this won't help you).

hairy dog

sounds like fun and I wish I could be there but (standing by to b eshot down in flames) why the fuss about 70 years?  Surely 25, 50, (maybe 60) 75, 100 etc etc are the traditional landmark anniverseries?
get a Mungral up ya! :o

Jane Wade

Hmm Hairy Dog - do you not realise it is just an excuse to party???  I say why not 69, 70, 71, 72 etc they are all a lot further down the line than 95% of dinghy classes will ever make it!   ;D

Lelsey (Guest)

Thank you Kean for the comment on "we all have different budgets "and different tastes you are right! I am the main organizer of this dinner now and would like to clarify a few things. The reason for no survey is because we all work long hours have families, try to sail, and its hard enough to find the time to organize the thing at all.Chosing, budgeting, contacting etc takes a long time without having to consider too many points of view. Sorry. Trust me that I will spend every penny of the ticket money on the guests who are there, no-one is subsidising this although if you want to offer sponsorhip please say so - a sponsorship manager is just anothe post no-one has yet volunteered for!The menu will be finalsed when I've costed decorations etc, so we get the best - and most possible.
Yes we are at a nice hotel, we are trying to do something just  little bit special. Lounge suits rather than dinner suits will be fine, and thank you Emma for wishing us who do like dressing up a good time. I noticed at last years championship dinner just what a smart lot the student contingent generally seem to be these days! My memories are that it was the youngies that set the standard for glamour!I know that many school have leavers "proms" these days and sales of ballgowns for teenagers are soring (and thats just the boys!)
It looks like we are not in a small number! Ticket sales are looking good, we are inviting a few key people from the past 70 years to come, so come and join us. It's only one way of celebrating but it will be great!!!      

Jerry G

Looking forward to the whole Pitsford weekend.  I sailed my newly purchased China Doll at the 40th anniversary event at Middle Nene but then went out of the class for a while before coming back with a Proctor IX to train a 7 year old son to crew.  Don't remember the 50th and 60th being big affairs so its great to make a big show of the 70th.  Have booked accommodation and looked out a vintage DJ so next thing is to book the dinner.  See you all there.  You've got 10 more years to save up for the 80th.

Steve L

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