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(Combi) trailer needed for 2-3rd week August

Started by Jimbo42, 26 Jul 2006, 08:57

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Oh! I forgot to say it would be for Great Britain!  I would collect and return....

Jim N3130

Antony (Guest)

Good to hear that the German fleet has doubled!

Cheap trailers are a tough one as they usually change hands with boats.  The only places I have seen them recently are on eBay, and on the Firefly class website.  If you do find one that has not previously carried a Chapter then be very careful about the main cradle before you embark on your trip.  It is easy to damage a boat by trailing at speed on a poorly fitting cradle, and the boats are not really made to travel on a three pad system.

Good luck,


Thanks for the advice Anthony!

Actually I'm just trailing her in Britain. She's coming down from Boston Spa to be refitted in Kingsbridge - she's just been varnished inside, so she's a kit of parts. It's Brian Miatt's boat N3313 (Nutmeg of Contentment). I'm going up to view her during the time. It'll be nice to have two Bob Hoare boats on the Ammersee.

Jim N3130 (Nuttyshell)


Hope you enjoy the boat as much as The Old Man Of The Sea did before his hip operations.


Unfortunately, ICM, I'm not sure whether I'm going to be able to get a trailer for that time and my Dad has no space in his garage in Kingsbridge. So it looks like it's a no-go....  :'( :'( :'( :'( ??)

Sad really, I was looking forward to sailing a realy good weight-carrying AC yot.

Still, one of these days......

Jim N3130.

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