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Steve Nicholson - Saturday

Started by Fran G (Guest), 23 Mar 2007, 04:14

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Fran G (Guest)

Is anyone coming along to Northampton Sailing Club on Saturday for Steve Nicholson.  Two races starting at 11.  Would be good to have some other twelves to race against.

Love Fran
3431 Zippy

Jane Wade

Kevin and I will be there, Alan Bax is also sailing Tom's 12.  Looking forward to seeing you!

The more the merrier!



I will be there, making a guest apprearence in my dad's boat, with him at the helm. I'm really looking forward to my first proper 12 sail since April last year!

Emma  (dance)

Mikey C

Terry and Angie will be there in Boatyard Dog, although I am sure this event is the one at which the annual fall-out occurs and usually sets the tone for their sailing for the rest of the year... Terry actually did fall out last year mind!

I will be there in my silly boat, look forward to waving at you from my upturned lime green swimming machine
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I will be there but having to take my Vareo as the 12 is still in dry dock.
Come say hi as you lap me!

Vareo 266 for the day!

Fran G (Guest)


I think I count 6 at least then :-

Jane and Kev
Alan Bax
David and Emma
Terry and Angie
Jonno and Char
Fran and Soph

+ a couple of extras getting a late burst of entusiasm (Irish sp), could have 10.

Any more??

BBC showing 12 mph which is ok too and suitable for all.

Looking forward to it.

Franny G


Just got the baby sitting arragements sorted, so Emma and I will make it seven!

See you all there

Jane Wade

This is fantastic news as my dear husband has been boasting about the vast number of ironing board shaped boats there will be on Saturday (aka The Fireball) so we need loads of 12s to show them the way around the course!



Not to mention aircraft carrier like Wayfarers, flat iron like B14s and , of course our old friend, the (USS) Enterprise (Beam me up Scottie)...

Wish I could be there to take them all on, sniff  :'(, but can't get over....




How did the 12s do?  Merlins had a bit of a clean up.

Jane Wade

Well there were plenty of us there flying the flag!  We were all very close together unfortunately in the 30s!  The Merlins did clean up - it was their day and there are some scurrious rumours about their handicaps.  


rick perkins



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.....Jimbo....FAST!!!!! flat ironin boards if you PLEASE!  and when exactly did ironing boards have wings....dont diss what you don't know!




I'll just stick to what I know - I'll just keep with my low-to-the-ground gokart aka Morgan/Bentley. I know when I've got a winner.

Jim (Don't two-time a 12, unless you have 2 or more that is  ;D)

janeysailor12 too.....Know the 12 getting to know the B.


Variety is the Spice of life  :D

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