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General National 12 chat / Cotton Sails
20 Nov 2011, 06:16
I have a nice suit of Ratseys for my ribbed N12; however they smell a thousand years old and have a few marks and stains here and there. Are there any hot tips on sprucing up old cotton sails or do they just go in the washing machine....and if so what sort of wash. I dont want to set anything rusting that currently isnt...
Grateful for all advice!
OK Not a N12 but rather interesting!
For sale on Appolo Duck Website. Text copied directly from Appollo Duck. (Not mine just passing it on).
Built 1937 at Cows for James Beale
She is a great performer in inland waters.
Dry stored for the last 30 years but in good condition.
The hull is perfectly sound but there is a crack in the transom.
There are two masts of pre-war vintage, brand new unused Banks sails, rudder and a new wooden centre board.
The boat is located in the Norfolk area.
More pictures available if required.
Any question please contact
Price £ Sensible offers.
General National 12 chat / N12 on Ebay
02 Oct 2011, 06:10
Item number 220867473786, located in Wolverhampton. Any reasonable offer accepted. Looks like a Warlock to me, but owner says it is N2712 which is a Cobra and already on the Database....?
OK not a N12, but a very old Int14, located in Norfolk and Free...item number 260848205021
Item number 120737846891. Based in Derby according to listing. Advert says 16' long but owner confirms hull as 12' long but has not as yet confirmed the sail/hull number.
Liking It! Good effort!
Hi All
I'd like to get N1833 back on the water. She has been inactive for too long. I would like a wider (or widen the) centreboard case to take a wooden foil. She also needs new side decks and other smaller bits of TLC. I dont have any time available myself so would appreciate recommedations (or offers!) from within the Class as to who would be the right person to return N1833 to her former glory. Not in a big hurry but would be nice to have the option of sailing her if I had some spare time.
Grateful for any pointers
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