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Boats / Re: N2821 Riptide
29 Feb 2020, 11:31
I purchased Riptide towards the end of 2019, the hull needs a couple of localised repairs and a thorough clean and freshen up. Purchased via eBay for the princely sum of £25 after being abandoned at Durleigh SC.

Plan is to freshen it up and sail with my 7 year old daughter at Shearwater, she currently sails Oppies so hopefully she will enjoy something a bit livelier.
Boats / Re: N3379 Eat My Shorts
16 Apr 2019, 09:12
Just picked up 'Eat my shorts', bought with intention of teaching our daughter how to sail and refreshing my dinghy knowledge, as I have been racing big boats for quite a while with only sporadic dinghy sailing.

I spent today setting it up on the drive to check everything over. Seems complete and up together with regards to rig and hardware, sadly the Hull needs more work than anticipated having been sat in a field for sometime.

Made a start stripping the patchy varnish and found a few areas of 'dark' soft wood, hopefully it will just require some routering and localised repairs, anything more and my expertise will let me down...

If all goes well we hope to be sailing it at Shearwater, which is part of the Longleat estate.

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