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Have had serious lifting of the varnish in avery limited area on the decks around the shrouds.  This I have removed and I now have an area approx. 6" square of bare wood whilst the rest of the deck is an absolutley perfect finish.

How can I repair this area to blend it in with the rest of the decks?

Should I coat with west epoxy first (as the decks were done with before by the previous owner) or should I build up with varnish in this area first before recoating the whole deck.

Any advice would be gratefully recieved as I am loath to strip the decks completely.


Thanks for the response but I cannot even get that far.  I do not get an oppurtunity to enter any password.  If I click on a subject form the drop down menu I get an error message.

Where do we enter this password?

Thanks for the response.

I can never get the members section to work.  It always tells me there is some sort of error. Don't know what I am doing wrong.

I will look at the Cherub site.

With the dark winter nights approaching, 2.5kg of redundent wood removed from inside Fuzzy Duck and plenty of varnishing ahead

Don''t worry Jerry said I could take it out, he built it so I trust him, untill the first screaming reach that is, then we will find out if I need a new hull!!

Any way back to the original thread.  I intend this winters project to be a carbon rudder.  Back in the 80's, yes I am that old, we used to make the cores of our rudders from balsa wood.

Is this still the case!  Most of the carbon manufacturing I am experienced with are thin panels and this uses foam cores.

What shouild I be looking to use for the core of my rudder, that will give me the strength and lightness I need.

I look forward to some of the secrets to be revealed.

Fuzzy Duck.
Many thanks to Mike Cooke at 'team aardvark' who has kindly found me some very nice second hand (but nearly new) sails in exchange for some beer tokens.

The search is over!

Look for them on the AC circuit next year!

Fuzzy Duck
General National 12 chat / Just my luck
18 Sep 2006, 12:22
Just my luck!!

After 6 months of asking every n12 sailor I meet if they have a reassonable second hand set of sails and checking the forum every day, i go away for 1 weekend and what happens?

A set comes up and is sold in the day!!??!!??** ??)

Is there anyone else out there with a second hand set for sail?

Surely all you fast yachters have ordered your new sails to the new rules by now?

Take pitty on a 'poor' N12 sailor who needs newer Mylar/Kevlar sails.

Have a small pot of gold avialable.


General National 12 chat / Re: Sails
30 Aug 2006, 05:16
It must be N12 mainsails have short lives.  My boat came with 3 good jibs and 1 mainsail that is feeling very sorry for itself.  I estimate it must be at least 10 years old, and used to be white!

Can't stretch to a new main so will have to carry on till this one dies or more mainsails become available.

General National 12 chat / Re: Sails
30 Aug 2006, 12:49
I agree, I have been after a second hand set of sails since January and have still to find some!  Gave up on the Forum as nobody responded.

Are there none out there? (unlikely) or N12 sailors horders?

desperatly seeking sails
I am planning to sail all 3 days in my crusader, with my 11 year old son who has never sailed an open meeting before so anticipation is high.  Looking forward to it.

Will be camping atthe club, but have made alternative food arrangements

Fuzzy Duck
I'm 14 stone, sit in the back of a 12, also sail on a river and my 1982 Crusader is certainly not slowed down by the imbalance of the fat helm and light crew (6 stone).  

We have 3 crusaders, 2 design 8's, a final chapter and a couple of foolish's on the river crouch and the crusader/ design 8 is still brilliant for those long short tacks up the river agianst the tide.

Good buy if you can find one.


Are you out there??

Please call me as I want to try to come loo at your Main next week.

01702 540698

I have a Dacron main which is in reasonably good condition.  Very clean, if a little soft.
I got it with a boat I have just bought and don't need it.  The only fault is a small tear at the luff of the top batten, which would need reparing.

I live in Essex but am travelling up to Newcastle on Tuesday evening. If you want I can bring it with me and you can have a look.  Call me if interested.

01702 540698
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