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Boats / Re: N1604 Tinnabulus
13 Sep 2022, 10:37
QuoteTinnabulus was Ian Proctor's original Mk 8, finishing 17th overall (from 133) in the 1958 Burton Week  that was won by Intuition!
and he was in the 30's in 1959 from 180 dinghies....Tinnabulus was being sailed by someone else in 1960....
In 1959 Ian launched the Mk9 and in 1960 he launched the Mk10 so despite still sailing 1604 in the Burton Weeks in 1958 and 1959 he was looking to the future whilst his Mk8 was still winning.
Boats / Re: N1604 Tinnabulus
09 Sep 2022, 08:52
Information on this boat has been passed to me today by Richard Ensor. As below:

 I am trying to get back in the water for next summer, I've had it 18 or more years, & swapped a merlin rocket for it with my brother. It came shortly before that from Don Stone, a local boatbuilder, I think it was a bright orange, & might have had a light blue underlayer of previous paint if I remember, it has a red ID tag, saying Chippendale boats ltd National 12 designed by Ian Proctor. Wooden boom and metal mast, all wood & brass or wood or aluminium fittings, wood type pulleys, wooden centre board, needing repair, not quite sure how it stops from falling thro the centre hole, brass bilge pumps, 1 damaged, needing repair prob. Any information on the age, / history would be good, I was told it was some sort of early 1960s prototype. 
Boats / Re: N3032 Rumours
09 Sep 2022, 12:05
I believe that this is available for free should anyone be interested. Please contact either Malcolm James or myself for further information.
Boats / Re: N1289 Crester
08 Sep 2022, 08:50
The above is what was sent to me by Julian Eley who is restoring Crester. If anyone knows more about this boat please add it here 
Boats / Re: N1289 Crester
08 Sep 2022, 08:48
Crester was advertised on FB Marketplace as free to take away in Weston-Super-Mare last August (2021).  The condition was that it was that put back onto the water.
On inspection, it had some sprung strakes from being hit/rammed in the side.  It also had deck fittings missing and had been kept in a garage for 20 years, had the mast and sails, though some of the pulleys to raise the centreboard were missing.  The spec for a national is 4.5ft wide but this is nearer 5.5ft beam.  One self drainer is OK but the second needs work.  The rudder is there but in poor condition.
A friend and I took it on.  So far we have stripped it, inverted it and sanded it back to wood.  I then drilled and bolted plates through and pulled the strakes back into place.  I glued them there using an external expanding epoxy glue from Evostick and on removal of the plates, dowled the strakes through for reinforcement.  We then gave a sealing coat of varnish, modified a launching trailer to fit and, putting it right way up, storing it in the cow shed to await completing work as soon as we have finished refurbishing 4 Wayfarers.  I will be making a laminated rudder in ash and sapele to replace the existing one.
It is our intention to restore the dinghy to the best condition we can, showroom refurbished contition, perhaps 8 coats of varnish to be polished, and race it, bringing it to National 12 veteran events".
Nb.  It is unlikely the saleable value will be anywhere near the cost of restoration.
Boats / Re: N2551 Brigitte
01 Sep 2022, 05:42
This is one of only 4 Impacts Built . The first four planker design The first was built to show the Class what a 4 planker would look like. This boat was owned by Nigel Boschi, a well known sailer in his day.
Boats / Re: N1788 Pish Tush
27 Aug 2022, 11:13
The above is the advert that appeared on the Association website and that I replied to.
Boats / Re: N1788 Pish Tush
27 Aug 2022, 11:42
I'd seen this advertised on the Association website For Free but obviously there were no takers so the owner advertised it on EBay. I've experience of vintage N12s disappearing from the Association so I contacted the owner, Pete Bartram, to see if we could strike a deal. Fortunately Pete is realistic and wanted a good home for this boat which was unsuitable for his requirements so I said I'd take it on and hopefully find someone to see it as a project. The distance between us, me being in Dorset and Pete being 200 miles away in Market Drayton initially caused some logistic problems but I was sure that could be resolved. 
In the meantime an interested party, Chris Roberts, contacted Pete to see if it was still available. I said I would step aside if Chris was going to become an Association member and restore the boat. That is his intention and having a carpentry background and a history of sailing in coastal waters it seems like a good match.
My intention is to keep vintage 12s registered with the Association and having keen sailors sailing them regularly. Hopefully this will grow the Vintage section to the extent there are good numbers joining in at Burton Week and Open Meetings.
I've never bought a new National 12 but have owned them since 1967. Since we've had the website and the database I've been able to look up the histories of the boats that I've been considering and some of the information on the database has been really useful in making my decisions but unfortunately the majority of the boats listed on the database have no information alongside them.

May I ask if anyone has knowledge of a boat, whether owned by themselves or someone else, now or fifty odd years ago, can they just write up a little history of the boat on the database? It would be really helpful to people such as me looking to buy a N12 in the future. How the various designs coped with what weather or waters. How they performed in club meetings. If the boat had a quirky presentation when new.Maybe how an original helm became a sailor of fame. Photos as well would be beneficial.

You may only have owned new boats but even a boat from last year now has a history so please add to the database.
Boats / Re: N2135 Foggy Dew
10 Aug 2022, 06:45
Now with my interest in vintage 12s and this being my first I'd have totally rebuilt it.
Thanks guys. At the moment it's just a road base trailer and quite old I think. I'm getting the boatyard next to my club to look at it but really I'm thinking of getting a new trailer. 
I'm getting Tim Gatti to restore an important N12 for me and once done I want to take it to the various vintage meetings and maybe the Nationals etc. I don't want that to be shaken about on those journeys so I'm looking for the "Rolls Royce" of trailers, a smooth ride, jolts cushioned and no rattling. 
Having just collected a vintage wooden boat from near Cirencester and towed it to Keyhaven near Lymington I found it being thrown about by our terrible road surfaces so on arrival it needed remedial work done to the various joints !

I need a trailer with decent suspension so if anyone can recommend a suitable trailer I will be very grateful. 
Boats / Re: N2383 Sparkle
31 Jul 2022, 03:38
I'm pleased to say that I'm the new owner of Sparkle and collected her today from Steve.Nothing serious needs doing other the normal wear and tear of wooden boats.

In a week or so I'll get her down to my club, Hurst Castle Sailing Club at Keyhaven near Lymington , where the Commodore, Paul Moxey, has two N12s including March Hare. 
Boats / Re: N1626 Intuition
18 Jul 2022, 08:15
Further to my post of 2008 I would still like to own Intuition again and my telephone number is still 0778 686 6099. 
Boats / Re: N1452 Spuma
06 Jun 2022, 02:59
In May 2022 Spuma was advertised for sale on this site by Annabel Nurton from Cranborne where she raised a little interest. Annabel had owned her for quite a few years and had sailed her in the Lymington area, often alongside her husband in his Contessa 32. She decided to sell Spuma because it wasn't being used, and her own old age, and bad storage had damaged the upper surfaces to the extent that they needed replacing.
A very original boat in some respects. Complete with original wooden mast and boom (I believe) though it had a Firefly centreboard and a spare mast from a Firefly. Two sets of sails with one set being relatively recent.
On the very old Measurement Certificate it gave Michael Brookman, now our Honorary Treasurer and Records Officer, as the owner and his club as Hurst Castle Sailing Club in Keyhaven.

For the above reference to an earlier owner, to confirm a misinterpretation of the owner's name from the Measurement Certificate for this past owner, who was a member of Hurst Castle Sailing Club.  Edited by Michael Brookman 12.12.2022.
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