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Looking forward to attending and bringing N3107 Zarniwoop (Tigress) to the event 😊👍
N3107 booked to attend  :) :)
Looking to get Zarniwoop back out on water ...... Is this still a go after latest GOVUK restrictions ?
Hi All
Just looking for thoughts of rudder foils on a Tigress design?  Has anyone tried this on the older wooden boats?
Best Ian
At the Show today so look forward to seeing you all :)
Have my order also.  Excellent and loving the hard work you have put in on this.  Really appreciated.
...... a stunt worthy of an Oscar :) a good windy day for sure at TVSC :)
Quote from: 322Hey, my yots are on twice too! But both are in capsize mode! Px

LOL :) oh dear Paul !!! Happy New Year
Like the Calendar and Zarniwoop has made March and June :)
Excellent day with some tricky wind and strong gusts.  Nicole is shattered .... (like I am!!)
Thanks to everyone for taking part and Paul, Christine and the TVSC team for organising / running the event.
Zarniwoop N3107
A fantastic day at TVSC in some very windy conditions.  Love the pictures.  Nicole and I need time now to recover for Hykeham.
ill be at TVSC with "Zarniwoop".  Looks like wind Paul :)
Boats / Re: N3107 Zarniwoop
16 Jun 2011, 09:42
Zarniwoop at the 75th Anniversary
Many many thanks to all who made this such a fantastic event. Great to see so many people and various boats on the water.  My thanks to Tom Stewart and Paul Turner for their help in getting "Zarniwoop" back on the water after high winds stressed her rig system on Saturday and Graham Camm and Kevan Bloor for some helpful rig / sail tuning advice.  Appreciated.

Cheers Ian, Louis & Nicole "Team Zarniwoop"
Boats / Re: N3107 Zarniwoop
21 May 2011, 11:50
TVSC Gill Open Meeting May 2011
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