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General National 12 chat / Rudder
07 Jun 2007, 04:20
I am going to make a new rudder blade for my new 12 could some one recomend me a good shape for a small lake sailed boat. I was thinking of basing it on the RS300 (RS600 also the same blade) rudder blade but making it a little bit smaller. what do people think


General National 12 chat / Windbourne
30 Apr 2007, 12:00
Hi i am curently looking at buying a twelve can any one tell me about this design Windbourne.  I use to have a crusader but i cant find anything about this design


Hi i am trying to find some info on the desighn windbourne well thats what i think it is it is number 3336? if any one has some other info on the boat how it has done on the circuit?


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