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General National 12 chat / Alloy Centreboard
« on: February 16, 2008, 09:23:30 PM »
I am having difficulty accessing the "For sale" section so I offer here an Aluminium Alloy Centreboard, which would particularly suit an older vintage boat - it was last seen on N.1435. Think of that useful weight-saving when pulling the boat up the slipway, not to mention a lighter boat on the water! Any offers?
Ken Goddard, Tel. (01332 521168) 

General National 12 chat / The failure of Aerolite-type glues
« on: October 28, 2007, 08:05:59 PM »
The correspondence started by the owner of N.693 includes a query by John Murrell about the failure of joints glued with Aerolite, or similar type glues.
It seemed to me timely to dig out the article I wrote on this subject in Newsletter No.72 of 2001 (page 39). This followed an open letter which I wrote to the magazine "Classic Boat". Experts replying to that letter claimed that it was well established that Aerolite joints failed after about 30 years. I have now seen 4 separate joint failures at that sort of age.
If anyone can't get hold of that Newsletter, please contact me and I can send them a photocopy of the article.

Ken Goddard
N.2300, Duodecimal
Tel. 01332 521168

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