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The TVSC open meeting is on 19th May; the races will be at 14:05, 15:05 and 17:05 starting five minutes after the club handicap series races. We will have a break at 16:00 for the legendary Trent Valley tea but how many would want lunch? We need to know soonest to help the steward plan for catering.
Greetings. This is the new date for the TVSC open meeting which will be held jointly with the Merlin Rockets. Three races back to back (first race 11:00) followed by a roast lunch. This is a full open meeting, all N12s welcome including vintage. RSVP to  8)
Greetings Vintage Yotters. 


The Vintage Champs tomorrow and Sunday has been postponed because of the serious wind forecast/ yellow warning from the MET Office. We are looking to re-run possibly at Solway on the weekend of 30th September/1st October, but watch out for announcements. 

PT on behalf John Sears @ Notts County
Greetings N12 Sailors. Following various accidents and operations I have been read the (medical) Riot Act which means that my sailing activities will have to be restricted and also that I will have to much reduce my collection of N12s. The following (first of design) boats are now for sale/looking for a caring home either with separate owners or for someone to take over the collection.

N1650 Smuggler, N2020 Starfish, N2359 Shotgun, N2399 Mr Jones, N2492 Whisper, and N2750 Cheshire Cat. All are in racing order with combi trailers (except N1650 launching only) and covers; several have undercovers.

If you are interested please contact me; I'm not looking for a fortune more good homes for these heritage boats. I have really enjoyed saving, restoring and lending out these fab boats but, sadly, the time has come.......  :'(

PS the Vintage Champs are coming up 15/16th July at Notts County SC just down the road.....
General National 12 chat / Harry Dalby
30 Dec 2022, 08:54
It is with deep regret that I report the death of Harry Dalby in mid-December. 

 Harry was a member of Trent Valley for more than fifty years.  He was the eldest of the four Dalby brothers and the first to become a TVSC member.  He was an active and highly competitive dinghy sailor during the 1960s and 1970s.  He competed at the Club and in open meetings locally and further afield, often with one of his younger brothers as crew. 

He was a passionate National 12 sailor and a member of the 'Trent Valley Ditchcrawlers' along with Paul Turner and the late Clive Robinson.  He designed and built his own National 12s, the names of the designs reflecting his business interests in industrial ovens – 'Gas-Fired',  'Hot Planks' and 'Red-Hot Shot', and where he lived - 'Oadby Owl'.
 Harry continued his sailing interests into later life, keeping a yacht on the Hamble.  His children attended the TVSC Junior Camp on a number of occasions and Harry had acquired his nephew Philip's Merlin Rocket with the intention, sadly unfulfilled, of teaching his grandchildren to sail at Trent Valley.
 Harry was a Committee member during the 1970s and Rear and Vice Commodore towards the end of that time.  He remained a Trustee of the Club until his death.
 The funeral service will be at St. James the Greater, London Rd. Leicester at 12.30 on January 10th, and then moving onto the Masonic Hall, London Road. 
A message from Nick Gill:

"I am sad to report that my mother, Jean Gill has died aged 93. She sailed National 12's for around twenty years from 1950 till 1970. Her first boat was N580 called Phantom which she persuaded Dougie to pass onto her when she tired of crewing. After that she owned N1900, a Mk 8 called Champers, a nod to the hedonist 60's I think. Her last boat and the one she had most success in was a Starfish N2307 called Roundabout. She sailed actively at Trent Valley Sailing Club and competed in the Midland area circuit. I recall one championship at Llandudno around 1966 where she sailed in a fleet of well over a hundred boats. She was one of a very few lady helms in those days. Her final dinghy days were in Fireballs which on the River Trent was quite a challenge. After that she took up golf with similar enthusiasm. Off the water she ran Yacht Supplies in Breaston, a well-stocked chandlery, until the early eighties."
Greetings. An early date for your diaries - 14th & 15th May 2022 Vintage Champs at Trent Valley. Usual format with three race Derwent Handicap on the Saturday, evening social and Open Meeting on the Sunday. It would be helpful to have an early indication of interest; there will be vintage boats from the Turner Collection available to sail by competent(!) helms. Px

It's now in the NTOA and TVSC calendars for 2021 (in the hope that we will be on top of C19 by then). In addition to the usual two day Vintage (wooden clinker) trophy racing we are opening up the weekend to any vintage boats that would like to come along and just cruise, plus all gongoozlers who want to turn up chat, watch and reminisce will be welcome.

I emailed out to a number of likely suspects last week (apologies if I missed you!) offering the loan of boats from the Turner Collection. Graham has already got his name down for Mr Jones N2399 and George expressed an interest in Cheshire Cat N2750. The eagle eyed will spot that said yot is not vintage so we may well add another section to the racing for 4 plankers - it would be good to have an indication (even now) of vintage, 4 plank, cruising and spectator interest so we start planning.

Px  :o [size=78%]N1650/2020/2359/2399/2403/2492/2750/3157[/size]
Well we need something to look forward to! NWNW 2021 will be 24th to 31st July next year so we must get it in the diary soonest. I'm already looking for accommodation and I think that JLS is also considering doing the week. Anyone else coming out to play? Paul  8)  (But which yot to take....? Was gonna sail N2020 this year but...)
It is with much sadness that I have to advise of the death on Monday of Martin Clarke of Hykeham SC; he had been ill for several years battling with cancer; he leaves behind wife Tracy, daughter Ellie and son Matt (who often crewed for him). Martin greatly enjoyed his N12 sailing, owning various boats which included a Feeling Foolish, and two China Dolls, namely "China Girl" (which he made a fabulous job of restoring) and "Talisman". Although he and I hadn't sailed against each other for several years we kept in contact, with much dark humour about our respective aliments. I am relieved that I was able to see Martin last week to say our "goodbyes". A really decent, kind, caring man; we will miss him. Paul.
I understand that NWNW 2020 has now been cancelled; info from Faceache and online. Sad but not a surprise. I was intending to take Starfish N2020 (for obvious reasons!); just wondering if the Burton is going to survive this year? Px  :'(
General National 12 chat / Is it me?
28 Mar 2020, 10:38


Martin Clark and I were catching up like wot we do from time to time (checking that we are both still alive!) and we had both noticed that there seemed to be very little chat on the discussion board - all gone a bit quiet? I don't do Faceache or Twit (although Trent Valley seems quite active on Wuzup and we are holding virtual Fitting Up Supper tonight on Zoom) but Martin tells me that there is also not much going on social meejar either.

Whatever. Hope that you are all keeping fit and well, abiding by the SocDis rules and prepping your yots for when we finally get sailing again.

Stay well. Love and peace to y'all. Px
Greetings. It may seem a little early to be telling you about the Vintage Champs & Reunion, especially as the flood waters which have surrounded the Club and left the Stewards cut off, have yet to subside, but planning is already under way for the weekend of 16th & 17th May. There will be the usual racing on the Saturday (3 races Derwent Handicap pursuits) plus the Midland Area Open for all N12s on the Sunday but we are also opening the event up to cruising N12s who don't want to race and to all N12 sailors (vintage or otherwise) just to come down and catch up with old friends. There will be a skittles night on the Saturday with food, and catering all weekend. I have several Vintage N12s to lend out to competent helms. So spread the word and RSVP peeps! Px  8) N1650/2020/2359 (already booked!)/2399 (Gerald usually bags this one)/China Doll/Whisper (Me!)
Greetings. Trent Valley have confirmed that the Club would be delighted to host the 2020 Vintage Champs in May next year (but we need to confirm the date soonest to avoid clashing with other class opens and holiday plans which meant that several boats weren't able to sail this year).

Traditionally the TVSC Open has been at the beginning of May but the Early Spring Bank Holiday has moved the date back in the month. 2020 will be more complicated because the Bank Holiday will be on FRIDAY 8th MAY to recognise VE DAY.

Accordingly we have two choices:

16/17th May or 23rd/24th May.

Views/preferences soonest please here or to:

Paul  8)
N1650/2020/2359/2399/2403/2524 (just sold!)/2492/2750/3157
Love the new look - but where are the photos of the vintage/AC boats? Px >:(
Greetings Fellow N12 Yotters. Let's hope that the weather is kinder to us this time! The TVSC GUL Open Meeting will (hopefully) be held on Sunday 20th May - briefing at 10:30, first race 11:00 with the second to follow before lunch and the third race after a suitable time has elapsed for the food to go down. Tea (and possibly cucumber sandwiches) before prize giving. To help with planning, logistics and catering please let me know that you coming to enjoy the wonders of river sailing; gongoozlers also very welcome. Rumour has it that John Sears may just have his beloved Proctor Mk 9 "Slick Chick" N1903 restored in time to re-launch  :-*  and I am hoping that N2492 the original "Whisper" might just be ready too! Paul  8)
Still pxssxng down with rain, river has flooded, field is a mud bath so hope to re-run Sunday 20th May - TBC
Greetings Fellow N12 Yotters. Now that the "Beast(s) from the East" have (hopefully) departed this Spring and the clocks have whizzed forward to BST, we can now leap into our boats, blow the cobwebs away and start planning to head to Long Eaton for the Trent Valley GUL Open Meeting on Sunday 15th April. I know that it is three weeks earlier than the traditional first(ish) weekend in May but it means less time waiting to come and savour the joys of river sailing (and stack some GUL points too)! First race will be at 11:00 with the second as soon as afterwards and the third after lunch. And for those who would like to make a weekend of it, we are planning a supper on the Saturday night with a "Magic Lantern" glass slide show and possibly also some old 16mm cine film of N12 sailing. I believe that GC is planning to borrow Mr Jones, and Angus is promising to fly south if I can find him a crew; so that makes three boats already coz I am now back on the water after a seven month (enforced) sabbatical - be afraid, we beat all but one Laser and the Merlin on Sunday (and not just on handicap!) To help planning please let us know if you are joining us on 15th. Gongoozellers also very welcome. Paul :)
Greetings to all you Vintage Yotters.
Don't forget that it's the TVSC Vintage Open on Sunday 3rd September - that's the Sunday after the August Bank Holiday.
Races at 14:00, back to back at 15:00 and the third after tea.
Who is coming out to play this year?
There may be a few new faces.... 
RSVP Px  8)
Greetings. Vintage Yotters.

Burton SC have again kindly agreed to host the Vintage Champs on 24th & 25th June. The usual tried and trusted format with three races both days, splendid catering, fish 'n chip takeaway on Saturday night, camping facilities...... Entry £30 for both, £15 for one.

All we need to know is..... Who is coming out to play?

Paul N2403 China Doll  8)
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