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Hi All,
Have posted in the Ads section but no luck yet. I really need  an old combi trailer for my Paper Dart, N2679. I wont be able to keep her at the Club this winter as they have a new Comet fleet taking priority for under cover winter storage, so she needs to come home at the end of the season, but I cant really justify the cost of a new combi! So a plea for help...there must be dozens of old combi's suitable for a National 12 lying around in the dinghy parks across the country? Please let me know...if you have one, know of one, or where to go look for one!
PS Really after a combi, rather than a single trailer (which I have already been offered) as the trolly I have is also on its last two birds with one stone etc...
Many Thanks
For a number of reasons we have had to cancel this weekends scheduled open at Cramond Boat Club. We haope wemight reschedule later in the year.
General National 12 chat / Dinghy Envy
06 Aug 2015, 01:34
Couldnt resist....
Hi Everyone
Please find attached the NOR for the 12 event at Cramond which is being combined with the Club Regatta over the bank holiday weekend at the end of August. It is a Qualifier for the Vintage series and the Scottish Travellers.
Hope we can welcome some of you from the south; great hospitality assured. 
More news to follow, any questions just ask. 
I have a spare room or two if anyone interested
Some may have heard the rumours....
Yes...Its true, the N12 Newsletter is back!
For those paid up members of the NTOA issue number 79 will be dropping through your letterbox in a few days time! I hope you like it...and that it inspires you all, in all things N12 related!
Many many thanks to the contributors without whom it wouldnt have happened!
And special thanks to Michael always!
Comments, criticisms, thoughts... to me...the EDitor....
A particularly good copy of this great British Pathe film of 12's racing in 1955.
on ebay. Located Southampton. Transom stickers say "Weston Sailing Club" with mid 2000'd dates.....hull only for £99!
On eBay....might be one of the old Tighnabruaich Sailing School boats. Seller hasnt answered any of my questions so cant add anymore....mast looks questionable!
The first event for the Lairwell Trophy is being held at my home club (Cramond Boat Club) on the bank holiday weekend at the end of May.
 This will be a 2-day event with 2 races planned in the afternoon of each day. Sailing will be held on a tidal area in the bay at Cramond, on the Firth of Forth; this being a very safe sailing area, bounded by the Dalmeny Estate to the south and West, and a line of WW2 anti-submarine defences and Cramond Island to the East. This gives very good sea-conditions for a N12, there being almost no swell, but with clear and steady winds from almost any direction. Being tidal, there is some tidal effect in the area, but nothing that should affect our racing (perhaps one knot of tide).
The Club has excellent facilities for dinghy sailors, having spent a considerable amount of money on these in the last 2 years. We aim to offer Soup and Rolls immediately after racing and include this in your entry-fee.
There is secure overnight storage for your boats. The website link for the club is copied below. 
Cramond Boat Club is located 6 miles from Edinburgh city centre and is based on the river Almond, in the historical village of Cramond. The area is steepd with history  with Roman and early industrial-age places of interest within walking distance of the club. see links below..
There is a social event (live music) on in the Clubhouse on the Saturday night, to which all entrants are invited. The Club bar will be open late during this.
The Club is looking forward to running this event and is putting in a huge effort to make the event happen, it being the first Open meeting they have run for years. We are wanting to showcase the National 12 to potential new owners so visitors will be made very welcome...we would really appreciate the support.
The NOR is in peparation and will be posted as soon as ready....
I can offer my spare room to the first that asks! ( I am a 5 minute walk away from the Club). I can also loan a China Doll for the weekend...again to the first that asks....
Posted below are two pictures I took at the Club looking down the River Almond from the dinghy park, with e Clubhouse on the right. The other at the mouth of the river, looking out at the sailing area.
Just over a fortnight until the first event in Scotland 2014...the Scottish Championships at Annandale SC.
The winner is awarded the beautiful and historical Scottish Daily Express Trophy.
This event is the second in the Gul sponsored series, and is also a qualifier fior the Vintage and Northern series and the Border Trophy.
The Notice of race is attached.
eBay item number 201054283074. Located in Dartmouth.Text and pics from ad. i have asked seller if there is a name or number...

Here we have a boat I dragged out of the bushes many years ago in the misguided belief that it was still within my abilities to save it.
I was told at the time that this was a pre 2nd world war National Twelve dinghy built by a yard in Exmouth. (These are the only details I have) The Date of 1900 was added only due to EBAY requirements
There is no rig and there is no trailer with this auction, she comes as the hull only with the few loose wooden fittings as shown seperatley and some attached bronze fittings.
There is nothing more to say really, my partner considering turning it into a planter, and have had an offer to turn her into bookshelves or a garden seat. But I would rather not.
Collection only and payment of cash on auction end/collection and to be removed off site within 7 days of auction end.
Interesting item on eBay for £15! Might make a nice trophy?
On eBay, located in Dunoon, west Scotland. I have been in touch with the owner who bought her only to get the trailer she is sitting on. He wants to find her a good home and is prepared to swap her for an inflatable yacht tender. I have asked about her identity, the name is Olivia which doesnt show up on our records. He cant find a number on the hull but has promised to dig out the sails to check what is on them. Interesting aft thwart which suggests she may have been serving time as ayacht tender or similar....
National 12 for sale on eBay, located in Rochester. Described as fibreglass and wood construction. Dont recognise the design, anyone any idea? Have sent a message to owner via eBay but no answer.....
Here's one for any Vintage 12's fancying a summer sail in Chichester harbour. Didnt appear to have any 12's in attendance last year.
The Scottish Championships returns to Annandale on 6th and 7th April. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer. Information on the event copied below and NOR and Entry form attached. Note the BYOB hint for those that enjoyed the free bar last year!!! See you there.....

Hot Drinks are available to purchase throughout the weekend and a Tuck shop will be available. 

Bacon Rolls are included on Saturday & Lunch is included on Sunday for sailors only, but will be available to purchase for non-sailors.

Saturday evening meal £6 for Adults, £4 for children 12 and under â€" please book your place for the meal at registration on Saturday 6th April.

No Alcohol is provided, however, you can bring your own!

Open Event cost is:

Single Hand â€" £12.50 per day 

Double Hand â€" £15.00 per day


Registration 09:00 â€" 11:00 hrs Saturday 6th April

Briefing 11:30- 12:00 hrs Saturday 6th April (see official notice board for exact time)

First Warning Signal 12:25 hrs Saturday 6th April/ 10:25 hrs Sunday 7th April
With just over a month now to the most northerly National 12 event at Loch Tummel on 15/16 September...I would like to invite you all to come and join us for a weekend of sailing in one of the most beautiful Highland settings in Scotland. I can accommodate up to 10 and plan a grand barbeque and can guarantee hangovers if not the weather!
Hi all
I recently uncovered a video cassette of film footage recorded by Gerry Ledger at the 1992 Burton week. Despite being almost beyond recovery I have managed to download nearly 2 hours of footage to my Mac. I am now pondering what to do with it! There is some brilliant coverage andd for the time being I am uploading byte sized chunks to You-tube (with Gerry's kind permission)....bear with me as it takes a huge amount of time, and these are just raw chunks from the original footage not a polished and editted film with music....but if you were there you will almost certainly be on film! If you werent have a look at a time when AC boats were the forefront of technology, the Final Chapters had just appeared and were taking the Crusaders, Baggys and Design 8's on in a head to head and Messr's Pelling and Simpkins could smoke anyone downwind in a breeze!
The first of the 2012 Gill Series events, and the Scottish N12 Championships will be hosted by Annandale SC on 14th and 15th April. The prestigious and very old Scottish Daily Express Trophy is up for grabs to the winner of the event and results also count towards three Travellers Series - the national Gill sponsored Series, the Scottish Area travellers series and the Northern Area travellers series.
Come and join us for a great weekend of good sailing and great socialising...
The NOR is attached.....
A rather interesting and well preserved 1925 vintage International 14, number 82!! Back in the days when the class was the National 14'......ebay item number 270917482528. many more pics in the ad.
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