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Evening. I have posted before regarding this subject but not reached any conclusion so any comments on the subject welcome. Is it possible to sail a 12 using the main only and the jib halyward acting as a forestay. Only my 12 isn't really set up for singlehanded sailing and keen to get out as much this year with or without crew but dont want to be restricted only to days of F1 & F2 if going solo.
Many thanks in advance for any help and advice.
Richard 3126
I have an older N12 3126 which I would like to sail single handed. This subject has been touched on recently on the this forum but I wanted to know two things really firstly, is single handed handicap sailing in 12's quite common place and secondly, what alterations would I need to make to my boat to give ease of sailing? Does anyone have any photos they could post or email me as a guide?
Many thanks in advance.
Is there any reason why 12's tend to use strops on the transom as opposed to thwart?
Thanks in advance
Hello. I have aquired another N12! 3122 Red Baron. Genrally the decks etc are all in good condition but there is some quite serious delamination of the ply inside the hull floor. My plan was to remove as much of the old rotten ply as possible back to solid and laminate with e-glass and epoxy building up layers to add strength. Where this has occured arounf the floor and the centre bpoard case I intend to epoxy fillet to again create strength. It won't be a work of art but will keep the old girl alive and sailing. There are a number of other items that need to be carried out but think I can deal with these, but the delamination issue is my biggest concern and wandered whether there were any other tips/steer that can be offered before I begin my epic journey to get her on the water ready for the Desborough open next year.
I do have pictures but size limits me adding them on this site.
Many thanks in advance.
General National 12 chat / Dangly pole
27 Jun 2013, 09:36
I have just aquired N12 3126 - a Tigress design. Along with all the gizmos that came with the boat I was handed a pole (I think known as a jib pole?) but haven't a clue how you rig this piece of equipment up? :-/
It is a  circa 1m long hollow tube with a piece of 2mm rope running through it and and a rope stopper on one end and that is about it. Any steer would be much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.
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